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Check Orlando Hudson Off the List

The Indians have ruled out committing to a multiple-year contract for Orlando Hudson because of injury concerns. Which in effect says that they aren't going to sign him, for someone else is going to give him a multiple-year contract. For a team that saw their two biggest investments (Jake Westbrook and Travis Hafner) come down with major injuries last year, perhaps this is understandable. Hudson broke his wrist in August, and players with wrist injuries tend to take a while to get back to their former hitting prowess.

The problem with removing Hudson from consideration is that there isn't really a second all-around free agent second option at second base.  Mark Grudzielanek and Ray Durham would probably be OK on one-year deals, but both are old by the position standards. And is signing either of those two worth taking the trouble to move Jhonny Peralta to third for?