BA's Indians top 10 prospects


Interesting list -- Santana no. 1, which is somewhat expected, but Rivero, De La Cruz and Brantley cracking the top 10 is a surprise to me. Also, Chisenhall and Weglarz were higher than I expected. The biggest top 10 MIA is Hodges. After ranking 4th last year, he completely fell out of it this year, though it shouldn't be because of performance. Perhaps BA has some concerns about his ability to stay at 3rd, thus reducing his value. I guess Rondon just fell short of the top 10, but I'm sure he's in the top 15. I was also surprised by their 2012 lineup with Peralta playing 2nd base. If he's able to do that, then I wonder if the Tribe FO will try it. If you look at the top 10 and consider which guys are behind them, then it's obvious how deep the farm system is. We may not have the sexiest top 5 or anything, but we can compete with anyone as far as our top 15/top 20 goes.