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Game Thread: World Series Game Five

Cole Hamels goes for the coronation.

20081027_rays_phillies_121960049_home_mediumThe game so far.

UPDATE: For the first time in history, a World Series game has been suspended. Officials essentially scheduled a 22-hour rain delay once the top of the 6th inning was completed. Despite the possible need to travel back to Florida on Wednesday and a high probability of more crappy weather tomorrow night, MLB's quixotic pursuit for tiny national ratings boosts will keep the game from resuming at any point during the afternoon, as any sane person would schedule it.

Interestingly, commissioner Selig met with officials of both teams before the game and got them to agree with his decision that regardless of the situation, the game would not go final without playing all nine innings. Under normal rules, had the Rays failed to tie the score in the top of the 6th, then the game would not have been suspended due to rain, it would have been declared finished, with the Phillies winning both the game and the championship on a rain-shorted 5.5-inning game. It's hard to imagine someone taking issue with Selig's stand on this, but the question remains, if the postseason should be treated differently in this regard, then why don't the rules already reflect that?

Cole Hamels' bid to become the only pitcher ever to have a 5-0 postseason is a likely casualty of the rain delay. The score is tied now, and his outing is over of course. If the Phillies re-take the lead in the bottom of the sixth, and hold it through the ninth, then he'll get his fifth win, even though he'll be lifted for a pinch-hitter as soon as play resumes.

FURTHER UPDATE: The rain delay has been stretched to 46 hours; the game is now scheduled to resume tomorrow night (Wednesday) rather than tonight (Tuesday). That will also make this the longest Game Thread ever.

20081027_rays_phillies_0_home_mediumThe final.

FINAL UPDATE: The Phillies win. We don't. I mean, they're about as good of a team to win it as you could ask for, since it's not going to be us, and for all kinds of different reasons. Still, another relatively "starved" town dances in the streets — outside my windows — while we wait another year.