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Game One Hundred Thirty-Seven: Indians 5, Twins 0

Box Score
Win Probability @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

CC Sabathia .329
Ben Francisco .079
Travis Hafner .069

Lowest WPA:

Franklin Gutierrez -.037
Chris Gomez -.025
Casey Blake -.004

That was quite a reversal. A day after playing one of the worst games of the season, the Indians beat Johan Santana for the fifth time, dominating the Twins in virtually all aspects of the game. Everything worked, whether it be starting Victor Martinez with Ryan Garko at the plate, getting runners home with less than two outs, or even sitting Grady Sizemore.

CC Sabathia was great again, going eight innings on exactly 100 pitches, allowing seven base runners on six hits and a walk. Of course, the Twins lineup included Rondell White and Nick Punto, who apparently were in the lineup because they were right-handed.

Even in the era of expanded divisional play, it's rare to face a starting pitcher six times in a season. It's even rarer still to beat him five times, no matter how good or how bad he is. It hasn't happened to a Twins pitcher since 1974. This is probably on the same plane as the 2006 grand slam bonanza: it's a great accomplishment, but it's not happening again.  

Six up. Twenty-five to play.

Next Up: Laffey vs. Slowey, 8:10 PM