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News and Notes

It's official: the Pittsburgh Pirates have hired Neal Huntington to be their next GM. Huntington served numerous roles during his 10 years with the Indians, including a year as director of minor league operations. The Pirates particularly liked his background in scouting and talent evaluation:

"With Neal, I found all those attributes," [Pirates president Frank] Coonelly said alongside Huntington on Tuesday. "I felt that he was the ideal candidate, as he has had a lot of different experiences. He has been in the field, seen the players, evaluated the players and has also been in the office where the evaluation takes place and the data is analyzed."

The Pirates are an organization that needs a total overhaul, and they saw the Indians' recent rebuild as an example that they can emulate. Chris Antonetti apparently turned down an offer for the same position, so it looks like the Pirates were very determined to hire someone from the organization, an indication of how much respect the organization has around baseball.