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Game One Hundred Forty-Three: Indians 6, Angels 2

Box Score
Win Probability @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Ryan Garko .191
Asdrubal Cabrera .110
Rafael Perez

Lowest WPA:

Kenny Lofton -.065
Travis Hafner -.054
Casey Blake -.032

The Indians got five innings out of Aaron Laffey, and because CC Sabathia had gone the distance on Saturday, they had a full complement of relievers to finish the game. Perhaps Laffey's spot in the rotation wasn't planned to come after Sabathia's, but it certainly worked out tonight. The Angels, especially without Vlad, was a good lineup for Laffey to face. The Angels are extremely vulnerable against left-handed pitching: for the time being, Chone Figgins can't hit right-handed (which is why he had to be pinch-hit for in the eighth inning), and Gary Matthews, Jr. has been abysmal against left-handers (.179/.258/.308) this season. Still, Laffey was taken out after five, and rightfully so.

I know it's become fashionable to rip Joe Morgan reflexively, but when he's talking about what's happening on the field, is actually a pretty good analyst. When he's talking about anything else, like steroid testing, or managerial philosophies, he's the Joe Morgan we all know and love. When Miller and Morgan are doing a baseball game, they add to the action on the field. When they're playing talk show hosts, it's mute button time.

Hey, that gloom and doom scenario I painted a couple of days ago doesn't seem as gloomy or doomy. The Indians split the series with the Angels, no small feat, and leave Califonia just a game down from when they arrived. They don't face Buerhle in the upcoming Chicago series, while the Tigers get Roy Halladay in tonight's contest.

Next Up: One more series with the White Sox. Carmona vs. Floyd, 8:11 PM