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Game One Hundred Twelve: Indians 4, Twins 0

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Paul Byrd .525
Casey Blake .097
Victor Martinez .074

Lowest WPA:

Kelly Shoppach -.075
Josh Barfield -.063
Travis Hafner -.059

A Paul Byrd shutout isn't really an act of domination but one of deception. He struck out just one Twin tonight, but he'll probably tell you that the weak groundouts to second and harmless infield popups were just as good, not to mention more efficient. Byrd's effectiveness tends to expire much quicker than the two flamethrowers of the rotation, so his enticing pitches need willing swings in order to go deep in games.

The offense, comparatively speaking, was good. They did manage to score two runs after loading the bases with nobody out, but that was accomplished the hard way - Travis Hafner broke up a potential double play, and Jhonny Peralta got a two-out hit against Pat Neshak.  

The Indians, by virtue of tonight's win, split the series in Minneapolis, which is almost always a nice accomplishment. But in this case, you feel that they did it despite themselves.

Next Up: A trip to Chicago to face the suddenly hot White Sox. Westbrook vs Danks, 8:11 PM.