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Game One Hundred Nine: Indians 5, Twins 2

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Grady Sizemore .321
CC Sabathia .164
Franklin Gutierrez .153

Lowest WPA:

Victor Martinez -.123
Josh Barfield -.094
Ryan Garko -.093

The Indians are again in first place, though that accomplishment had as much to do with the Tigers as the Indians. But last night's game was a satisfying one the likes of which haven't been very common of late.

Neither Sabathia nor Santana pitched up to their normal standards. CC had reached his pitch limit by the sixth inning; he struggled to get through most of his innings. But he did hold the Twins to just two runs despite allowing 10 base runners.

The offense was driven by Grady Sizemore, who has been the team's best hitter over the past few weeks. He drove in four of the Indians' five runs, two of them via a home run in the third inning.

Aaron Fultz, in his first appearance off the Disabled List, along with Rafael Betancourt, bridged the two-inning gap between Sabathia and Borowski, allowing just one base runner.  

Every time Franklin Gutierrez has a good game, I think it finally means he'll be playing on an everyday basis. Even if you can somehow make an argument that Trot Nixon is a better hitter against right-handers, any perceived advantage quickly goes away once you consider Franklin's abilities in every other phase of the game. Well, except pieing and veteran leadership.

Next Up: Aaron Laffey makes his major-league debut on semi-national television. He'll face Matt Garza at a 3:55 PM start.