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Game One Hundred Thirty-Three: Indians 6, Mariners 5

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Kenny Lofton .325
Victor Martinez .290
Ryan Garko .226

Lowest WPA:

Jhonny Peralta -.183
Joe Borowski -.179
Asdrubal Cabrera -.145

Sometimes you just get lucky. Lucky as in facing Rick White (and his blonde rabbit's tail goatee) with the game on the line. Lucky as in not facing J.J. Putz, the best reliever in baseball, with the game on the line. Or both.

Going on long winning streaks does have its price. Joe Borowksi has pitched in four of the past five games, and struggled last night to even keep the game tied. The Mariners had the opposite problem: they hadn't used their closer in almost a week. So why did manager John McLaren turn to White and not Putz with two on and one out in the bottom of the ninth? I don't really know, but I'm certainly not complaining. If Putz had pitched 1.2 innings and the game was still tied, then you go with whatever you have left. To me, in a tie game on the road, you use your best available reliever, then your next best, and so on.

Next Up: Buerhle vs. Carmona, 7:05 PM