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Game One Hundred Twenty-Eight: Indians 9, Royals 4

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Victor Martinez .120
Franklin Gutierrez .118
Aaron Laffey .091

Lowest WPA:

Ryan Garko -.038
Casey Blake -.021
Asdrubal Cabrera +.008

This was a rare game for the Indians; they bombed Kyle Davies out of the game after two innings, they added a couple runs throughout the rest of the game, and didn't have to use Joe Borowski or either Rafael. And more importantly, we the fans got to see some of our long-lost reliever friends. Long time no see, Aaron. It's been a while, Tom. If the close games continue, these guys will have to be used, if only to allow the everyday relievers at least some opportunity to rest their weary arms.

Aaron Laffey allowed two runs on eight hits in six innings, a poor performance compared to his pitching peers, but given the circumstances, exactly what was needed. He was getting grounders (14 of the 18 outs he recorded were via a ground ball), even though his command wasn't there. The start probably earned him another opportunity later this week.

Thanks to a Yankees victory, the lead is back to 2.5 games.

Next Up: Carmona vs. Meche, 2:10 PM