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Game One Hundred Twenty-One: Indians 2, Devil Rays 1

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Paul Byrd .275
Joe Borowski .218
Rafael Betancourt .154

Lowest WPA:

Travis Hafner -.135
Kelly Shoppach -.122
Asdrubal Cabrera -.047

As you might expect given the score, this game was dominated by pitchers. Although if you take a look at the box score, you'd wonder how a game with 23 hits could only produce three runs. Well, if you've followed the Indians recently, you would understand how, but I digress.

Travis Hafner was kept out of the starting lineup so that he could get two days off while only missing one game. Eric Wedge used him as a pinch-hitter seventh with runners on the corners, but his fly ball to Delmon Young was much too shallow to score Victor Martinez from home. Skinner tried it anyway, with the expected result.

During the month of August, the Indians as a team are hitting .250/.307/.372, by far their worst hitting month thus far. What's keeping them in the race is their pitching, which has held opposing hitters to a .263/.315/.396 line, tied with April as the lowest line of the season.

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