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Game One Hundred Eighteen: Yankees 5, Indians 3

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Franklin Gutierrez .254
Chris Gomez .089
Victor Martinez .055

Lowest WPA:

Asdrubal Cabrera -.247
Jhonny Peralta -.227
Casey Blake -.216

Another game, another dreadful display of offense. I suppose this quote states it better than I can:

"It's tough," Casey Blake said. "Confidence is a big part of this game and the guys in this clubhouse don't have a lot of confidence right now. When things aren't going your way, it's tough to maintain that edge.

"You have to be positive. I don't think anyone is panicking. In the past, I think some people might have pushed the panic button. We have to believe we're going to do it."

You could argue that Pettitte was simply on his game today. But if so, then virtually every pitcher the team faced in the past month has been on his game, a probability on par with a pig flying past my window in the next hour. And when a lineup full of talented hitters all struggle at the same time, wouldn't the most reasonable explanation be what Blake is talking about?

The most frustrating thing about this stretch of losing is that the Indians have just now fallen into second place in the AL Central, and a couple wins from regaining the lead.

Next Up: Detroit comes to town on Tuesday. Bonderman vs. Sabathia, 7:05 PM.