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Game One Hundred Fifteen: Indians 7, White Sox 5

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Kelly Shoppach .264
Victor Martinez .110
Jason Michaels .068

Lowest WPA:

Grady Sizemore -.074
Aaron Laffey -.057
Casey Blake -.048

The Indians forcing Mark Buehrle out of the game in the fifth inning is a new experience, and I like it. The big blow came when Shoppach hit a opposite-field three-run homer in the fourth. The pitch Kelly hit was probably designed to be pulled into a double play, but he instead went the other way; the pitch was high enough to allow him to hit it out. The White Sox bullpen held the offense in check the rest of the way, but the damage was already done.

Aaron Laffey, in his first two starts, did exactly what was needed of him: eat some innings, and keep the team in the game. He'll be going back to Buffalo before tonight's game in order to make room for Chris Gomez (with all the off days coming up, the Indians won't need a fifth starter for a while). Did I mention he's about five months younger than Adam Miller?

Next Up: A very important series against the Yankees. Carmona vs. Hughes, 7:05 PM