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Game Eighty-Three: Indians 5, Tigers 4 (11 Innings)

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Box Score
Win Probability @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Casey Blake .443
Rafael "Slowhand" Betancourt .260
Joe Borowski .218

Lowest WPA:

Grady Sizemore -.177
Josh Barfield -.151
Travis Hafner -.141

It's nice to know that the Indians are getting into Jim Leyland's head. After six games facing the Indians and Betancourt, he picked tonight talk to the umpires about Rafael's deliberate pitching time. If it were Fernando Cabrera who was delaying his pitches, there would be no problem. And as a fan, it's more entertaining to see this stuff. I now expect Kenny Rogers' glove to inspected more closely than the Shroud of Turin.

As far as the game was concerned, the bullpen did yeoman's work holding down the Tigers' offense for  four innings. T-Mas, who's not the same pitcher who started the season, nevertheless got out of a bases-loaded jam in the tenth. That allowed the Indians another at-bat, and with two outs in the eleventh, Casey Blake hit a game-winning home run. Couldn't have happened to a nicer team.

Next Up: Rogers vs. Westbrook, 7:05 PM