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Game Seventy-Five: Indians 5, Athletics 2

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

CC Sabathia .424
Ryan Garko .237
Travis Hafner .065

Lowest WPA:

Franklin Gutierrez -.131
Casey Blake -.078
Victor Martinez -.073

CC through the second inning was a poor pitcher. CC from the third inning on was a great pitcher. Through two innings, he had thrown almost 40 pitches, but only threw sixty more the rest of the game. He retired 20 of the last 24 batters he faced.

Is he the best pitcher in the AL right now? You could make a good case for it. CC currently has a ridiculous 6.35 K/BB ratio, which provides some insight into why he's been able to go deep into games without racking up pitches. His FIP is slightly higher (.04) than his ERA, his LOB% is well within normal range for a starter, and his strikeout rate is his highest since 2001. This performance is the real deal.

Travis Hafner hit his first home run in the month of June, and followed that up with a vintage Hafner line-drive single. Hopefully he's already reached bottom, and is already on the upswing. The offense as a whole seemed to have a much better approach last night; maybe it's a home thing, maybe it's an AL thing, but whatever the case, the offense looked vastly better.

Next Up: The Indians get to try their luck against Dan Haren, he of the 1.78 ERA. He'll face off against Cliff Lee tonight at 7:05 PM.