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Game Seventy-Three: Indians 4, Nationals 3

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Victor Martinez .393
Joe Borowski .209
Franklin Gutierrez .126

Lowest WPA:

Trot Nixon -.146
Josh Barfield -.106
Rafael Perez -.074

Victor Martinez hit a low fastball on the outside corner over the center field wall in the top of the ninth inning to give the Indians the lead. The pitch wasn't a mistake; it was probably located exactly where Chad Cordero wanted it. But Martinez apparently expected it, made a great swing, and Joe Borowski hurriedly warmed up.

Of course, the three-run bomb wouldn't have mattered had Borowski given up the lead in the bottom of that inning. He did his best, giving up base hits to the first two hits of the inning, the second one a double made possible by a deeply-aligned outfield. Borowski walked Cristian Guzman to set up a double play, or at least a force at any base. Fortunately for he and the Indians, the Nats did hit into a twin killing, but not exactly how it was expected. Felpe Lopez hit a sharp grounder that Borowski snared; he threw home to get the out, and Kelly Shoppach held onto the ball. Nook Logan, who had just reached third base, expected Shoppach to go for the force at first, and rounded third widely. Shoppach looked back at third, and caught Logan easily to finish the game.

Next Up: Jake Westbrook returns from the DL; he'll be facing Jason Simontacchi (1:35 PM).