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Game Thread: June 10, 2007

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Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1:15 p.m. (STO)

Cincinnati: Aaron Harang (4.24 ERA, 33 PRC)
Cleveland: C.C. Sabathia (3.40 ERA, 46 PRC)


Last night's victory in 11 leaves the Indians with a rejuvenated lineup but something of a depleted bullpen.  Perez and Betancourt, arguably our two most effective relievers, pitched three and two innings respectively, and Borowski has pitched twice in the past 40 hours already.  With staff ace Sabathia on the mound and Matt Miller fresh from Buffalo, this not likely to be a problem -- and anyway, we'd like to think the Reds will perform like the lousy team they really are for at least one game.

Tribe fans continue to face an existential dilemma with regard to the Pronk, namely: To be sanguine, or not to be sanguine?  Pronk's game-winning fielder's choice grounder last night seemed less like a silly lark and more like an enormous relief to Indians fans, masking a disquieting 0-for-6 on the night.  Sure, he hit some balls hard, and the Reds broadcast team kept saying it.  But did he hit them hard like he used to hit them hard?  Pronk now has a 759 OPS over he past 42 games -- a full quarter-season -- including an astounding .189 BABIP that stretches the limits of bad luck as an explanation.

Despite the righthanded opposing starter, the lefty Pronk sits today in favor of the righty Garko, a managerial move that speaks for itself.