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Game Twenty-Seven: Orioles 8, Indians 2

Box Score
Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Trot Nixon .032
Mike Rouse .019
Victor Martinez .010

Lowest WPA:

Jeremy Sowers -.344
David Dellucci -.075
Casey Blake -.061

It's pretty sad when the highest WPA came from a guy whose big contribution was two walks.

Tonight showcased how thin a line a contact pitcher has to toe in order to have success. Jeremy Sowers did not have his usual location tonight, and he was out of the game by the third inning. Jeremy's margin for error is such that he can't get away with fastballs in the meat of the plate, or not being able to throw half of his pitches for strikes

Conversely, Daniel Cabrera did nothing to dispel his title as the Wildest Pitcher in Baseball, but because his stuff is so missable, he lasted seven innings and gave up but three hits. If he could ever cut his walks down to even 3 walks per nine innings, he'd be a very good pitcher.  

Rafael Perez did get some work in thanks to Sowers' short outing, and acquitted himself well, holding the Orioles scoreless in his three innings of work. He'll probably be headed back to Buffalo shortly, as the Indians would like to get another outfielder on the roster to pair with Trot Nixon.

Next Up: Sabathia vs. Burres, 1:35 PM. Burres is left-handed, so I wouldn't be surprised if Franklin Gutierrez is in the lineup tomorrow.