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Game Forty-Four: Royals 11, Indians 7

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Grady Sizemore .087
Trot Nixon .087
Victor Martinez .019

Lowest WPA:

Cliff Lee -.554
Travis Hafner -.056
Jhonny Peralta -.029

Not much of redeeming value here. Scott Elarton wasn't very good, but Cliff Lee completely overshadowed him. Not only did Clifton pitch poorly, he fielded poorly. After the Indians put 3 runs on the board in the first, Cliff allowed two earned runs that should have been unearned runs (though in this case, that they were earned seemed poetic justice). He allowed seven runs in his first two innings, and was gone in the fifth, exposing the Royals to the tasty underbelly of the Indians' bullpen. Mike Koplove allowed two doubles after entering the game, and unfortunately, he was the most effective pitcher of the evening. Fernando Cabrera didn't deviate from his recent gopher ball trend, allowing yet another home run (to Mark Grudzielanek, of all people), and another two runs. Travis Hafner's ninth-inning home run made the score look somewhat respectable, but the Indians needed pitching, not offense, tonight.

Next Up: The Indians try to prevent a Royals sweep. Sowers vs. De la Rosa, 8:10 PM.