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Game Forty: Reds 10, Indians 5

Box Score
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Well, that sucked.

I could go into some detail about the turning points of the game -- the bases-loaded Dellucci smash that went right into the shortstop's glove, the start-salvaging final out of the top of the sixth that turned into a three-run homer, a missed opportunity with bases loaded later on.

But the real and complete story of this game is two young Indians pitchers who seem to have lost their way quite profoundly.  Jeremy Sowers entered the month of May with a career ERA of 3.77.  In three brutal outings this month, he has surrendered 19 earned runs in 13 innings.  Fernando Cabrera is right there with him, with an 11.18 ERA over six relief appearanaces.

This goes way beyond talk of a off-day; either there is something fundamentally wrong with these two, or they're in the midst of an historically unlucky couple of weeks.  They're also dragging down an otherwise surging Tribe pitching staff, who without them would have an ERA of 3.42 for the month so far.