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Game Thread: May 19, 2007

Cincinnati at Cleveland, 7:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Matt Belisle (4.38 ERA, 16 PRC)
Cincinnati: Jeremy Sowers (6.56 ERA, 7 PRC)

Their guy:  Never heard of him.  Making his 16th career start just a few days shy of his 27th birthday, so I guess he's what Brian Slocum would be if the Indians were as bad as the Reds.  Maybe someone else feels like looking up what kind of stuff he throws.

Our guy:  He's in a tight spot.  He could throw a shutout tonight, and his ERA would still be more than double Carmona's.  Two weeks ago, sending Sowers down rather than Carmona would have been both premature and a breach of professional etiquette.  Two weeks from now, it may well be the only rational thing to do.  Sowers had better start making it a touch decision soon, because right now, it definitely isn't one.