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Game Thirty-Five: Athletics 10, Indians 7

Box Score
Win Probability Added @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Trot Nixon .102
Casey Blake .097
Travis Hafner .093

Lowest WPA:

Joe Borowski -.517
Fernando Cabrera -.386
Cliff Lee -.132

This was an ugly game even before the ninth inning began. You had two starters who were in trouble virtually every inning, walks, errors, scads of pitching changes, and just when you thought it was over, an inexplicable closer meltdown to finish the game.

Cliff Lee reverted to form, pitching himself into jams, and not liking to pitch with any kind of a lead, quickly bringing the game closer to equilibrium whenever the offense gave him anything resembling a large lead.

During the game, the Indians announced they had traded Jason Davis to Seattle for a PTBNL. This particular PTBNL will be announced by next Sunday, so it's the good kind of PTBNL, not the imaginary kind. The player cannot be a major-league (25-man roster) player, or a player drafted last June. If there was a bidding war for Davis (don't laugh), the Indians should get a genuine prospect back.