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Imaginary Game Four: Indians 4, Mariners 0 (4 Innings)


Paul Byrd has got to be one angry guy right about now. He was possibly one pitch from finishing off the Mariners in the top of the fifth, at the very least getting credit for a win, and possibly even a no-hitter. But Mike Hargrove's stall tactics worked just long enough for the lake effect snow squalls to scuttle the game. So even though Byrd pitched 4.2 innings of no-hit ball, those innings will not be part of the annals of MLB. Adrian Beltre's three errors have been vaporized into nothingness, even though we did see them happen.

Unfortunately, Victor's quad will stay strained; he injured it hustling down to first base during one of Beltre's errors, and is listed as "day to day." It doesn't appear that he'll go on the DL, which creates an uncomfortable roster situation, especially with a day-night doubleheader slated for tomorrow. There's a spare 40-man roster spot available for one of Buffalo's catchers, but who would go from the active roster? Ryan Garko is around as an emergency backup if Kelly Shoppach goes down, so I don't think the Indians need to make a move if this is just a 2-3 day injury.  

Today's game will be replayed tomorrow at 1:05 PM, starting from the first inning.