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Game Three: White Sox 4, Indians 3

Box Score
Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Jason Michaels .415
Jeremy Sowers .138
Grady Sizemore .134

Lowest WPA:

Roberto Hernandez -.357
Josh Barfield -.186
Travis Hafner -.169

This game was lost from the second to the sixth innings, when the Indians couldn't take advantage of Chicago's sixth reliever. The White Sox had used their bullpen quite liberally over the course of the series, and knocking Masset out of the game quickly could have been a knockout blow.

Neither Fernando Cabrera nor Jason Davis made an appearance in the series, which isn't surprising given Eric Wedge's typical use of the bullpen. If he doesn't have confidence in you, he won't use you if the game's even a bit in doubt. The problem is that if he's not going to use either pitcher in a competitive situation, the rest of the bullpen's going to get overworked, particularly the trio of Betancourt, Fultz, and Hernandez.

Jeremy Sowers pitched a rather ugly six innings of one-hit ball, if that's possible. He allowed five walks and hit a batter, a very bad thing for a pitcher of his ilk. He did a good job escaping from the jams he got himself into, but he can't keep tempting fate.  

Overall, you certainly can't complain about winning the series. Now it's time to make hay at home.  

Next Up: April 6, Seattle (4:05 PM)