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Month in Review - April

(Note: By popular request, I've added links to two popular statistics glossaries to the sidebar. Between the two, you should be able to find definitions and explanations for all the statistics we discuss here.)

Vital Statistics

Record: 14-8 (1st Place)
Third-Order Adjusted Record: 12-10 (1st Place)
Runs Scored: 115
Runs Allowed: 104

Stop the presses! The Indians are overperforming their Pythagorean Record. They'd still be in first place, but by just percentage points. There's been some clutch hits, but an improved bullpen has been the main reason the team's been winning close games.  I'm tempted to pin it all on Eric Wedge's new attitude, but that would just be dishonest.

Team Offense

Batting Average: .246 (10th in AL)
On-Base Percentage: .346 (3rd)
Slugging Percentage: .406 (8th)
Team OPS+: 109
Runs/Game: 5.23 (League Average: 4.69)
Pitches/PA: 4.07 (LA: 3.82)
BABIP: .292 (LA: .289)
BA/RISP: .232 (LA: .260)

The offense has overcome a low batting average by being patient at the plate. They've forced many starting pitchers out early because of pitch counts, though they haven't taken advantage of their opportunities.

Team Pitching

ERA: 4.21 (9th in AL)
FIP: 4.10 (LA: 4.30)
K/Game: 6.7 (LA: 6.5)
BB/Game: 3.0 (LA: 3.5)
HR/Game: 1.0 (LA: 0.99)
LOB%: 70% (LA: 70%)

The pitching overall rates as just about league average. Their strength was their control; the staff was one of the best in not allowing walks.

Team Defense

Defensive Efficiency (16th in MLB)
Hardball Times Ground Rating: -8 (LA: -4)
Hardball Times Air Rating: 0 (LA: +12)
Caught Stealing %: 22% (LA: 26%)

The defense continues to be the team's weak point, but it's improved a bit compared to last season. Jhonny Peralta looks noticeable better, off-setting early struggles by Andy Marte. Josh Barfield has been a marked improvement over what the Indians had at second last season.

The outfield defense has declined, thanks mostly to the addition of David Dellucci and the shift of Casey Blake to the infield.