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Game Thread: April 28, 2007

Baltimore at Cleveland, 7:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Baltimore: Erik Bedard (6.11 ERA, 9 PRC)
Cleveland: Jeremy Sowers (4.76 ERA, 7 PRC)

Jeremy Sowers has struck out 7 in 22.2 innings this season. That's an extremely low number, even with his ability for the most part to last six innings. Is he the exception to the rule? I hope so, but you'd think sooner or later teams would adjust to his "bad-contact" style of pitching.

Erik Bedard hasn't had a problem with swings and misses, but an issue more common among young starters: walks. He pitched much better after the All-Star Break last season. One interesting fact about him is that his service time is listed at 3.171 Years. In other words, he's one service day short of being eligible for free agency after the 2008 season.