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Game Thread: April 27, 2007

Baltimore at Cleveland, 7:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Baltimore: Steve Trachsel (4.37 ERA, 8 PRC)
Cleveland: Jake Westbrook (9.15 ERA, 3 PRC)

Now here's a study in contrasts. Westbrook is among the quickest in the game as far as pitching pace in concerned, while Steve Trachsel is almost unanimously held as the slowest-paced pitcher in the game today.

The Indians will play the Orioles seven times in the next eleven days, and that will (barring a rainout) will complete the season series. This is why I don't like Interleague Play, in that it reduces a team in the same league to an afterthought. When the Cincinnati Reds could have as much bearing on the AL Wild Card race as the Baltimore Orioles or New York Yankees, there's a serious flaw in the schedule.