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Game Seventeen: Indians 5, Twins 3

Box Score
Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Fausto Carmona .306
Trot Nixon .078
Casey Blake .075

Lowest WPA:

Josh Barfield -.074
Jason Michaels -.037
Victor Martinez -.021

The Indians must have been playing at Rick's, because their number came up tonight. Santana wasn't quite himself, and the Indians took advantage of the few opportunities they had.

The real story was Fausto Carmona, who outpitched Santana. The movement on his pitches was dramatic,  leading to 14 ground-ball outs. Given that many grounders, the defense needed to play well, and it did. Casey Blake made a very nice reaction play to nab a Michael Cuddyer shot hit to his right, and Josh Barfield made two outstanding plays to take away potential Twin hits.

Travis Hafner hit his second 400+ foot home run in three days off Santana in the first inning. What makes Hafner so good is not necessarily his power, but his pitch recognition, and to lay off marginal offerings that would result in weaker contact. When he's locked in, he just doesn't swing at a ball.  

Next Up: Home, finally, to host the Rangers. Padilla vs. Sabathia, 7:05 PM.