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Game Sixteen: Indians 7, Twins 3 (12 Innings)

Box Score
Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Victor Martinez .485
Rafael Betancourt .286
Travis Hafner .190

Lowest WPA:

Jhonny Peralta -.196
Josh Barfield -.134
Grady Sizemore -.128

Victor Martinez, the World's Slowest Catcher, accounted for all three of the Indians' runs in regulation with a fifth inning home run. If Bud Selig, in an effort to speed up the game, mandates all home run trots to take place within one minute, Victor might be in trouble, but for now, the key speed for Victor resides in his bat, not his legs.

Jeremy Sowers was a victim of the artificial turf in the seventh inning, when speedster Alexi Casilli bounced a double down the left field line, tying the game. Jeremy was his usual mystifying self, pitching out of several jams, striking out relatively few, and lasting seven innings.

The trio of Fultz, Betancourt, and Hernandez were excellent. The Twins reached base just once after the seventh inning, and in a role reversal, had their bullpen implode in extra innings. Eric Wedge wisely did not bring Borowski into the game with a four-run lead, because closers aren't designed to pitch in that kind of situation. Thankfully, Roberto Hernandez had enough experience to finish the game and notch his second win.  

Next Up: The Indians, flush with house money, try their hand at Santana Roulette. Game starts at 8:10 PM.