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Game Fifteen: Indians 6, Devil Rays 4

Box Score
WPA Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Garko .573
J-ho .106
JoBo .097

Lowest WPA:

J-Mast -.250
J-Mike -.083
J-Barf -.066

You might think "J-Mast" makes no sense, but the "J" stands for "JaknowthisguysfromIndonesia?"  Just missing the bottom three was J-Nixon, who piled up a -.052 score in only two plate appearances, replacing a tightly-hamstrung Marte in the lineup midway through.  (Marte is day-to-day.)

At a glance, it looks like J-Mast owes Garko a case of beer, and that basically is the story of the game.  Not captured above is the series of odd plays involving V-Mart, including (1) a rare catch of a base-stealer (probably a botched hit-and-run), (2) air-mailing an earlier try over third base, (3) watching a bunt fail to roll foul, (4) failing to throw to first on an uncaught strikeout pitch, and finally (5) failing to throw out a runner at third base on another uncaught strikeout pitch, possibly confused about the force-out rules in that instance.

Anyway, a pretty weird game for Vic overall, but his single up the middle did set the stage for Garko's game-winning three-run bomb, which no doubt has Tribe fans everywhere praising Wedge's wisdom for (finally) batting him fifth.  Borowski, meanwhile, has not even the tiniest visible scar from his six-run specatacular failure in Yankee Stadium, now having notched two three-up-three-down saves in the three days since.  It's a long season.

For the second time in a week, the Indians were fairly dominated by a starter and yet won anyway.  Indians fans everywhere are confused by this: Do they suck more, and are they choking less?  And can we keep complaining anyway?  Westbrook looked ready to toss a gem early on, but ultimately he left with only a quality start and a no-decision.  Oh, and $33 million.

Next Up: Sowers vs. Silva (Twins), 8:10 PM