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Game Thirteen: Indians 4, Devil Rays 3

Box Score
WPA Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Travis Hafner .480
Joe Borowski .209
Andy Marte .112

Lowest WPA:

Victor Martinez -.131
Trot Nixon -.099
Mike Rouse -.083

One of the glaring weakness of WPA is that it ignores the defense behind a pitcher. CC Sabathia would have been in the dugout after the bottom of the seventh with a 3-2 lead; instead, an errant throw by Josh Barfield short-circuited a sure double play, and a wild throw by Victor Martinez allowed the tying run to come in. There was no hit that drove in the run; the only thing Sabathia did wrong was to allow a runner to reach base.

The offense still doesn't look good, though Travis Hafner was good enough to carry the bats tonight. His opposite field two-run shot was on a pretty good pitch; the only thing Edwin Jackson did was elevate the fastball a bit. His ninth inning go-ahead hit was on a mistake, but he stayed alive in the at-bat long enough to capitalize on it.

Those who came into the game slumping stayed slumped. Casey Blake attracted another bases loaded situation in the fifth, and flew out to center. Josh Barfield's OPS is now a dreadful .405.

Yesterday's pariah was today's hero, pitching an uneventful ninth. Perhaps he only likes save situations, or more likely, he was pitching better, and facing a less fearsome lineup.

Next Up: Seo vs. Byrd, 7:10 PM