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Game Thread: April 2, 2007

Cleveland at Chicago, 2:05PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers (2006 Stats):

Cleveland: CC Sabathia (3.22 ERA, 101 PRC)
Chicago: Jose Contreras (4.27 ERA, 82 PRC)

The Indians passed on having their home opener today, citing the Women's Final Four taking place at the same time. Instead, they'll have their home opener on Friday, when the temperature is forecasted to be in the 30s.

I guess I rail on this every year, but I still don't understand why northern teams can't push their home openers back at least a week in order to avoid the cold early April weather. Today and tomorrow look pretty good, but Wednesday's and Thursday's games look like they'll be played under more seasonable (read: chilly) conditions.

But regardless of the weather, it's still great to get the season underway. It's finally time to put speculation behind us, and find out actually how good this team is.