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Game Eight: Indians 4, White Sox 0

Box Score
Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

"Cobra" Byrd .342
Ryan Garko .097
Josh Barfield .078

Lowest WPA:

Grady Sizemore -.064
Jhonny Peralta -.049
Andy Marte -.022

Paul Byrd's splitter seems to be working; he struck out five in six innings, many of them on his newest pitch. Paul's control was for the most part excellent, aside from a hiccup in the fifth inning. He got out of another jam in the sixth inning by getting Jermaine Dye and Joe Crede out with runners at the corners and the score 2-0 Indians. The sixth inning troubles were precipitated by a dropped pop up by Andy Marte charitably scored a double.

Ryan Garko, who has been on fire this series, hit a home run to left center in the third inning. Two batters later, Josh Barfield hit his first homer as an Indian. The Indians added two more runs in the seventh to finish the scoring.

Next Up: The homestand concludes. Sabathia vs. Contreras, 1:05 PM