Most disliked team?

Reading about Scott Podsednik's fielding folly in the diary below and more specifically the comments that others have made got me thinking (dangerous, I know).  I'm just curious which team the majority of us dislike the most.

We obviously don't have a dominating rivalry of the Yankees/Red Sox, Steelers/Browns, or Michigan/Ohio State caliber. For all pragamatic purposes, I suppose our "rival" should be either all the other AL Central teams, or simply the best team, but I know I'm not always that calculating.

I know that, whether its rational or not, I absolutely despise the White Sox.  Whether it's AJ Pierzynski, their friggin announcers, Ozzie Guillen, or just the chip on their shoulder that they have by "not being Cubs fans", I don't know.

Anyway, I was just curious what other people's opinions were.

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