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Game Thread: April 11, 2007

Los Angeles at Cleveland, 7:05 PM (STO)
(Game Played at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Jake Westbrook (12.60 ERA, 0 PRC)
Los Angeles: Joe Saunders (4.76 ERA, 2 PRC)

Rich Passen adds this article to the avalanche of accounts about last night's game. It specifically details the logistical nightmare faced by Tony Amato, the equipment manager, and Phil Seghi, the team's director of travel:

At 11 a.m., the news filtered down to Tony Amato, the Indians' equipment manager. Their road bags were already packed - with road jerseys, pants and everything else. He had six hours to re-pack what normally takes a day, and to remind C.C. Sabathia to take his belt, because he always forgets it, and to pack Paul Byrd's bags himself, because, as Amato so eloquently describes his flightiness, "he's a lefty in a right-hander's body."

Victor Martinez may not have to go on the Disabled List, as Mike Rose has been sent back to Buffalo. Ryan Garko is the backup catcher for the next few days.