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Game Four: Indians 7, Angels 6

Win Probability Graph @ Fangraphs

Highest WPA:

Kelly Shoppach .172
Andy Marte .169
Joe Borowski .078

Lowest WPA:

Trot Nixon -.089
Roberto Hernandez -.082
Aaron Fultz -.014

First of all, huge props go to the fans of Milwaukee. The tickets were just $10 a piece, but getting 19,000 fans to Miller Park on such short notice is an amazing feat. You can't say enough about the atmosphere tonight.

As far as the game on the field is concerned, the  things that were good last year were good for this game, and the aspects that were horrible previously were the same tonight. The offense gave CC Sabathia a lead early, lead by home runs by Kelly Shoppach and Casey Blake. Andy Marte pulled two doubles down the left field line, and Grady Sizemore walked and stole thrice tonight.

The bullpen was awful. Roberto Hernandez relieved Sabathia in the eighth and committed the cardinal sin of relieving: walks. You could blame the lack of command on the layoff, but he did this in Chicago as well. Rafael Betancourt eventually got out of the inning, but the lead was but two runs. Joe Borowski got the save (and consequently, a high WPA), but it was Kelly Shoppach who ended the game by nailing Erick Aybar at second base. Borowski gave up two hits and a run, and was facing a red-hot Howie Kendrick when Aybar attempted to steal. Thank you, Mike Scioscia.

Next Up: Game Two against the Angels in Milwaukee.  The forecast outside is for copious amounts of snow, but the forecast inside is much better, thanks to the roof. Gametime is @7:05 PM.