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The Prediction Thread

The Replacement Level Yankees Blog has run an insane amount of Diamond Mind sims using several different projection systems, and the results are for the most part promising. Go check it out.

Here's a few other predictions that don't involve wins and losses, division standings, or the word "regress."

(1) Paul Byrd will be on the Indians come September, but he'll be in the bullpen. It's a crazy thought, but consider this: Byrd had a huge platoon split last season, and if his new split-fingered pitch doesn't work out, he might be leveraged better in the bullpen. The conventional wisdom would say to trade him for relief help if Carmona or Miller force their way into the rotation, but what if he's the setup man you're looking for?

(2) Jhonny Peralta gets at least one MVP vote. Sure, I guess someone could do it as a joke, but I'm saying that he'll be deserving of it. His range has improved immensely from last season, which should help make him a more complete defensive player. The big question is whether he's fixed his swing: if he hits somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 home runs, that makes him one of the more valuable players in the American League. In any case, he's the key to the Indians' season.

(3) Jason Davis, Aaron Fultz, and Jason Michaels will not be on the Indians' roster on August 1st.

Fultz is just about a gimme: LOOGYs are shifted between teams as often as NFL kickers change addresses. Davis implodes with runners on base, and that's the situations he'll be expected to pitch in. Wedge has gushed over Francisco this spring, and he usually gets his wish eventually: Michaels will be dealt in a deadline deal.

(4) Someone will mention that Tom Mastny was born in Indonesia.

Hey, I have to get one prediction correct.