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It must be baseball season....

...for here comes the steroid news.

A pharmacy in Orlando was raided today as part of an investigation into allegations of illegal prescriptions of performance-enhancing drugs. The Albany Times Union is reporting that some of the company's customers included current MLB players:

No specific names have been officially mentioned, but the Times Union reported that Los Angeles Angels center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. is a target, according to "sources with knowledge of the investigation."

NFL and amateur players were also suspected of purchasing drugs, but that a professional baseball player was mentioned is going to get the headlines thanks to the BALCO case. Matthews recently signed a lucrative contract with the LA Angels after having a career year in 2006.

Gary Sheffield, never shy to voice his opinion on anything, declared that he wouldn't participate in MLB's steroid investigation:

"The (players') association told us this is just a witch hunt," Sheffield told USA Today. "They don't want us to talk to them. This is all about getting (Bonds).

"If this was legitimate and they did it the right way, it would be different. But this a witch hunt. They're just trying to collect a lot of stuff that doesn't make any sense and throw the (expletive) against the wall."

Let's face it - baseball has a serious credibility problem regarding performance-enhancing drugs. They did enact more a more stringent testing program, but that isn't going to whitewash the past. The investigation hasn't been proceeding well at all thanks mostly to a lack of cooperation from both sides. It seems  both sides just want this to go away, but it isn't going to happen. Not now.