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Shaprio and Antonetti Talk Strategy

Last Tuesday, the Indians hosted a "Fantasy Summit," with the kicker being a Q&A session with GM Mark Shapiro and Assistant GM Chris Antonetti. And while the two didn't really dole out any specific fantasy advice, the Q&A did function as an hour-long insight into the philosophy and inniner workings of the Indians' front office.

(How do I know this? I watched the video on

It's been quite amazing to view the gradual change in public perception of Shapiro, who was a pariah five years ago. Now, he's viewed as the major reason the Indians have a good opportunity to make the playoffs. Chris Antonetti, who may be entering his final season working for the Indians, also deserves a lot of the credit by bringing a distinct statistical advantage to the organization.

The major point I brought away from the session was that they use every possible angle to view a possible move. They use scouting, statistics, personality assessment, and medical information to evaluate a player, and while they may not be correct every time, they'll have the best possible information by which to make the decision.

The two covered a lot of what we've been talking about over the winter, including the need to upgrade the infield defense and bullpen, playing the kids, Ryan Garko (and why the RBIs didn't really mean much), and the rationale for signing Trot Nixon.

Watch the whole thing.