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Haren to Arizona

As mentioned elsewhere, the Diamondbacks won the Dan Haren Derby, giving up six prospects for Haren and reliever Connor Robertson.

Oakland gets:

OF Carlos Gonzalez (BA #1)
LHP Brett Anderson (BA #3)
OF Greg Cunningham (BA #7)
1B Chris Carter (BA #8)
LHP Dana Eveland (64.1 MLB innings)
LHP Greg Smith

It's a good haul, but any deal for Haren should have gotten Oakland a package like this. Gonzalez is the headliner; he's probably a half-season away from the majors, and has the ability to be an elite right fielder in the big leagues. Anderson projects to be a decent major-league starter, but he's a couple years away. Carter has big upside, but he's only progressed as far as the Sally League.

Which brings me to the Indians, who certainly had the minor-league talent to match this package. With CC Sabathia only signed through next season, plugging Haren into the rotation would have meant the team wouldn't lose all that much if CC walks after 2008. And if he stayed, the Indians would have the best rotation in the majors for at least another two seasons. If the trade hinged on dealing Asdrubal Cabrera and/or Franklin Gutierrez, I'd understand, since the deal would have weakened the major-league club. But given what Arizona gave up,  the Athletics weren't all that concerned with getting talent that was major-league ready.