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Rosenthal: Indians, Diamondbacks frontrunners for Haren

From Robothal:

The trade of Haren could happen first -- and the Diamondbacks and Indians, two clubs deep in young talent, are in the best position to make a deal, according to major-league sources.

Once Kuroda signs and Haren is traded, the A's Joe Blanton would become the best right-hander available in trade or free agency, giving general manager Billy Beane greater trade leverage.

From every indication, Beane is poised to acquire younger players and gear toward the opening of Cisco Field in 2011. Such a rebuilding program would raise questions about the A's interest in Barry Bonds, who would fit with the club only if it planned to contend.

Because the Indians could control Haren through the 2010 season at very affordable rates, the acquistion of the Oakland right-hander doesn't necessarily mean CC Sabathia is gone. Dumping Cliff Lee's contract alone would just about clear enough payroll for Haren.

I like Adam Miller probably more than anyone here, but this is one of the few situations where you're fully justified in dealing him. The opportunity to get one of the best pitchers in the AL controlled through 2010? I'm behind any deal that doesn't include Asdrubal Cabrera.