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Exercised the 2008 club option on RHP Joe Borowski ($4M)

Exercised the 2008 club option on LHP Aaron Fultz ($1.5M)

Exercised the 2008 club option on RHP Paul Byrd ($7.5M)

All relatively easy decisions, though Byrd's HGH usage at least made the Indians think about his option for a moment or two. I believe Borowski more valuable as a trade chip than as the team's 2008 closer. Complications from HGH aside, Byrd at $7.5M to be the Indians' fourth starter is a no-brainer. There's not that many pitchers on the free agent market who have more effective than Byrd over the past 3-4 years, and those that are will be receiving ten-digit yearly salaries. The Indians shouldn't have big plans for Fultz, but for $1.5M, there's not much risk in bringing him back.

Outrighted LHP Mike Koplove to Buffalo (AAA)

Koplove wasn't that effective even in AAA, and the Indians have enough high-level pitching depth as it is.

Outrighted IF Luis Rivas to Buffalo; he elected  Free Agency

Keeping Rivas on the roster, especially with him eligible for arbitration, wasn't going to happen with spots needed to protect prospects from the Rule 5 Draft. The Indians probably need to sign depth at this spot, and that should come via minor-league free agency.

Released RHP Matt Miller

I've come to the realization that Miller just isn't healthy - why else would the Indians keep him in Buffalo in September? Maybe he's calling it quits; he's 35, and has spent most of his twelve-year professional career in the minors or the independent league. Matt was one of Shapiro's early scrap heap successes, coming from obscurity to play a key role in 2005's outstanding bullpen. But arm troubles have dogged him since; just as he established himself as a major-league reliever, all those innings he pitched to get to the big leagues took their toll.