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SBN Awards: AL MOY

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Here's the results for AL Manager of the Year:

American League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Eric Wedge 16 3 - 89
Joe Torre 1 7 3 29
Mike Scioscia 2 4 6 28
Mike Hargrove - 1 4 8
Terry Francona - 1 3 6
Ozzie Guillen - 1 1 4
John McLaren - 1 - 3
Buddy Bell - 1 - 3
Sam Perlozzo - - 1 1
Ron Washington - - 1 1

The Manager of the Year is generally thought of as doing the most with what he has, so the award generally goes to the manager of an overachieving team. So what's an overachieving team? I guess in this instance it means a successful team that wasn't expected to do much. So Eric Wedge, the manager of the only low-payroll team to make the playoffs in the American League, ran away with the award, collecting 16 of 19 first-place votes.

Eric Wedge is not a brilliant tactician; he isn't a Machiavellian manipulator of psyches. What he does do exceptionally well is to manage people. He serves as an extension of the front office, helping to make decisions over the winter and executing them during the summer. That consistency through the organization has become a major competitive advantage for a club that needs to best higher-payroll clubs in unconventional ways.