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OF Trot Nixon, OF Kenny Lofton, and IF Chris Gomez filed for Free Agency

Neither Lofton nor Nixon are coming back. The Indians might have a passing interest in bringing back Gomez. Lofton had been ranked a Type B free agent by Elias, meaning the Indians get a sandwich pick if they offer Kenny arbitration and he signs somewhere else.

Three Indian players have 2008 team options: Joe Borowski ($4M), Paul Byrd ($8M), and Aaron Fultz ($1.5M). All of the options are affordable and tradable. I believe all three will be picked up.

So then what do the Indians concentrate on? They don't have any "holes" - positions without an internal option. So the Indians are in the position of not having to acquire a player if the price isn't right. The goal is to improve, to sport a better roster than the one on the field a couple weeks ago in Boston, but their options are much more open-ended than in past years.

Their biggest priority this winter involves extending CC Sabathia - a player who isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2008 season. GM Mark Shapiro has said that the team will make a definitive decision on Sabathia before the 2008 season starts. Whatever happens on the Sabathia front will affect the rest of the starting staff. If Sabathia is re-signed, that could make Cliff Lee trade bait.

But otherwise, this is a wide open winter - anything could happen, or next to nothing could happen.