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Purchased the Contracts of RHP Adam Miller, LHP Scott Lewis, C Wyatt Toregas, and LHP Reid Santos from Akron (AA)

Purchased the Contract of LHP Tony Sipp from Buffalo (AAA)

Even though the eligibility requirements were tightened in the last CBA, there were a couple big hits in last year's Rule 5 Draft. The second and third picks of the 2006 draft were Joakim Soria and Josh Hamilton, both of whom were key contributors to their clubs the season after their selection. The Indians' Ryan Goleski was picked first by Tampa, and later traded to Oakland; he was returned before the season started.

Besides Miller, the other four players protected fit one of two Rule 5 archetypes: the left-hander with upside, and the backup catcher. A Rule 5 Draft pick generally isn't expected to do much his first season in the majors, but because he must stay on the 25-man roster the entire season, he's more likely to stick if he can pitch out of the bullpen or has several non-offensive skills (defense, speed, versatility).  

Wyatt Toregas is good enough defensively to play in the majors right now, which is why he'd be an easy player to stow on a 25-man roster for a season. The Indians, by virtue of having drafted him, have the best of both worlds: the flexibility of developing his offensive game in AAA while also having him serve as an insurance policy.

The left-handers probably won't be as useful to the Indians this year. Tony Sipp underwent Tommy John surgery late last season, so he won't be pitching until at least the All-Star Break. Reid Santos could serve as bullpen depth. Lewis, if he stays healthy, could snag some major-league innings late in the season.

Adam Miller, though, is the star of this group. Assuming he stays healthy, he could start the season as the sixth starter. If the Indians trade Cliff Lee, he could be in a spring battle for a rotation spot.