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Game Thread: October 5, 2007

New York at Cleveland, 5:07 PM (TBS)
American League Division Series (CLE 1-0)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Fasuto Carmona (215.0 IP, 3.06 ERA, 116 PRC)
New York: Andy Pettitte (215.1 IP, 4.05 ERA, 90 PRC)

The big decision here is whether to go with Kenny Lofton or Jason Michaels in the starting lineup. Left-handers (.836 OPS) actually hit better against Pettite than right-handers (.727 OPS). Lofton, though, hasn't hit Pettitte at all (.125/.200/.156, 32 AB) in his career, while Michaels is hitting .375/.400/.500 in 10 AB.

Update [2007-10-5 15:56:45 by Ryan]: Michaels is in the lineup - but in right field. Lofton's in left, and Gutierrez is on the bench.