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Q&A with Pinstripe Alley

In preparation for the upcoming ALDS matchup, John of Pinstripe Alley and I have exchanged questions about our respective teams. Feel free to provide your answers below.

1) Who's the player the national media will forget about whose performance will be crucial to a title?

Rafael Betancourt. His innings have been just as crucial as any Joe Borowski has pitched.

2) Don't you ever get sick of that damn drum? Come on, admit it...

I don't mind it. It's not gimmicky, and seems more  spontaneous than any canned call to arms.

3) Do you have a player the manager obviously favors whom you wish wasn't on the roster?

Trot Nixon, who doesn't have much use on the roster beyond a couple pinch-hit appearances. But I don't have a visceral hatred of him; he's more of a mild annoyance.

4.) Not including A-Rod because he seems the obvious choice, but what other Yankee player scares you the most?

It used to be Jason Giambi, but since he isn't likely to play much, I'll go with Robinson Cano.

5.) The Tribe will beat the Yanks if____.

..the Indian starters can go six or seven innings.

6.) The Yanks will beat the Tribe if ____.

...the Indian starters can't go six innings.

7.) How do Tribe fans feel about Joe Borowski protecting a 1-run lead in the 9th inning?

Did you have to ask?