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Hot Stove Roundup

In a shocking development, the Indians aren't likely to re-sign Kenny Lofton:

"We have not addressed any of our free-agent decisions yet," general manager Mark Shapiro said earlier this week. "It was fun to watch [Lofton] play. He contributed in the way we hoped."

But when naming the Indians' most likely candidates to fill left field next season, neither Shapiro nor manager Eric Wedge brought up Lofton's name.

Kenny Lofton's had a weird second half of his career: he's obviously good enough to play in the majors, even at his age, but not good enough for a team to commit to him for any length of time. But Kenny's signed six straight one-year contracts, and at the end of each of them has still been good enough to sign another one.

Lofton's not a left fielder, in the offensive sense. The Indians have 3-4 guys under their control who could play left field, and who could hit like a left fielder. But each of those guys has at least one drawback, whether it be injury, a platoon split, or not much of a track record. So not attempting to bring back Kenny Lofton doesn't mean the Indians should be happy with what they have in left field.