Tonight's National Anthem

Apparently country wunderkind Taylor Swift bagged on tonight's national anthem.  Her replacement: Coshocton, Ohio's own country chanteuse, Danielle Peck.

What the Indians allegedly did not know is that Peck also dated (and broke up with) tonight's starting pitcher.  No, not CC Sabathia.  Josh Beckett.

Full story here.

Apparently, Peck was recommended by a country music booker, and the choice makes sense, since Peck and her family grew up as Tribe fans.

So, tonight, while Josh is finishing his warmup tosses in the bullpen, his ex will be singing the national anthem, on the Jumbotron, most likely decked out in Tribe gear.

In the words of Dave Barry: I am not making this up.  Let the mind games continue.

UPDATE:  Enhanced and promoted -- and here's more about Beckett's skills with the ladies.  [Jay]

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