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The LGT 2007 HOF Ballot

The writers have spoken: Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn are the members of the 2007 Baseball Hall of Fame class. Ripken and Gwynn both received more than 95% of the vote, which is essentially the same thing as a unanimous vote, considering the various protest/reactionary votes that usually occur.

Goose Gossage, probably buoyed by Bruce Sutter, received 71.2%, and has a good shot of topping the 75% barrier in 2008, a rather weak year for first-time candidates.

Mark McGwire fell well short of induction, but appears to be in no danger of falling off the ballot. Time might be McGwire's best friend, so long as he can stay on the ballot the better.

Albert Belle, another media pariah, failed to appear on 5% of the ballots, so he's out. Albert obviously has been his worst enemy, but then again, Steve Garvey stuck around for 15 years.

I know this is after the fact, but I'll open up things for your vote. After a couple days, I'll tabulate the votes, and we'll see who would have gone to the Hall if LGT voters had the final say. Remember, you can vote for a maximum of 10 players, and only for those listed below the fold.  

Dave Concepcion
Alan Trammell
Dave Parker
Don Mattingly
Dale Murphy
Harold Baines
Orel Hershiser
Albert Belle
Paul O'Neill
Bret Saberhagen
Jose Canseco
Tony Fernandez
Dante Bichette
Eric Davis
Bobby Bonilla
Ken Caminiti
Jay Buhner
Scott Brosius
Wally Joyner
Devon White
Bobby Witt
Cal Ripken   
Tony Gwynn   
Rich Gossage   
Jim Rice   
Andre Dawson   
Bert Blyleven   
Lee Smith   
Jack Morris   
Mark McGwire   
Tommy John   
Steve Garvey